#NoWrongPath with #TeamIFB

Posted by Stacy McKenzie

06/08/19 09:06

There are so many different ways to start your working life - there always has been - so as the next generation receive their exam results, some of the team at IFB thought we would share our journeys a little. 

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Looking at the backgrounds of #TeamIFB, we wouldn't struggle with organising a good party, with a former DJ, club promoter and a number of bar staff among us!

Some advice we would give to students receiving their exam results today is - these results don't define you, you do - so take risks, go after opportunities that arise and don't be afraid to try different industries and specialisms until you find what fits best and makes you click.

What is clear is that while we are all working together as one team, we have all arrived here from different places, spaces, backgrounds, ambitions and goals. For us, that's what makes the team work.

Good luck to all of those receiving their exam results over the next few days, regardless of what they are, you will all use them in different ways.

We would also like to use our experience to help others - that is core to our values - so if you are interested in a future in technology or making a business work, then drop us a line and let's see if we can help you.

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