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12/09/18 12:36


Driven by the needs of our large corporate clients in the energy sector for high-capacity, high-speed internet access, IFB has been delivering fibre to the premises Gigabit and Ultrafast connections across the UK for almost 20 years. The drive was simply due to the scale of our clients in terms of users and the ever-increasing data they need to run their businesses.

Many of these clients have stayed with IFB as we continue to innovate across all our services, and in particular across more international connections and locations.

Over those 20 years, so much has changed – especially access to affordable Ultrafast connectivity – meaning that we can provide more of our clients with greater choice and flexibility when it comes to the connections they need for their business.

We would like to think we have played a key part in this Gigabit Revolution. 

In late 1999, IFB became the first Scottish ISP to provide Business Broadband services, we were the first to provide direct, high-capacity fibre connections between Europe’s most vital Energy centres – Aberdeen and Stavanger – and the founding anchor partner with CityFibre for the first business-focused Scottish GigabitCity in Aberdeen.

All of this change is driven by demand - over the last 10 years, the capacity of connectivity we are providing our clients has increased by 800 times – all of which is driven by the big guys doing big things but also many of our smaller clients doing big thing too - using more digital tools, devices, sensors, cloud-based software and applications to transform their businesses.

I know that many of you reading this will have upgraded your old 8Mb/s broadband connection -WOW! - to perhaps an 80Mb/s broadband over this time and that almost certainly all of you can benefit from being connected to an IFB Ultrafast connection right now - without blowing your year’s IT budget.

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